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Cloud Faxing with CloudFax400

Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency With Our Hosted Enterprise Fax Solution

After delivering mission-critical fax solutions to organizations worldwide for more than 28 years, International Presence now delivers those same solutions over the Internet cloud.


CloudFax400 Benefits

CloudFax400 can provide enterprise fax performance and functionality without the costs of hardware or fixed telephone lines:

The best solutions for your needs. Get the fax solutions you need — including the features and functionality demanded by the world’s largest enterprise organizations: Advanced Fax Routing, OCR, Fax Barcoding, Reporting, and more — all through a hosted environment.

Cost savings. Reduce capital and operational expenses by eliminating or reducing hardware, maintenance and fixed phone line costs

. Secure and compliant. We offer the most secure hosted fax solution on the market today, so you can meet the toughest security, compliance, and data protection regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, SAS-70, GLB, and NIST.

The CloudFax400 Dashboard
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Workflow integration. Faxes are automatically routed to the correct department. Our software integrates with your existing business applications, including SharePoint, Exchange/Outlook, MFPs, and more with our PRESENCE technology.

Eliminate constant software updates. As part of our hosted service, we continuously upgrade our fax servers. Which means you don’t have to deal with the cost and time-consuming hassle of maintenance, version numbers and manual upgrades.

Assured business continuity. You can have non-stop business faxing through a combination of our hosted fax service and powerful enterprise-class iMPS fax servers.

Service and support. Our US and UK based support engineers are experienced in mission critical and production environments, and provide unsurpassed enterprise-level support and training.


CloudFax400 Server Management
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CloudFax400 Failed Fax Count
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CloudFax400 Outbound Fax Log
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Top Features


CloudFax400 Alerts
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CloudFax400 Inbound Audit Log
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CloudFax400 Logs
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Security & Compliance

With more than 25 years of experience providing secure document delivery solutions to major corporations, we understand the importance and challenges of managing and ensuring data protection while meeting regulatory compliance. Below are some of the security precautions we take to keep your fax communications private and secure, and help you meet your compliance requirements:

Maximum redundancy and auditing capabilities to help comply with stringent government regulations, such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, SAS-70, GLB, and NIST.

128 bit SSL encryption — the same level of encryption used by online banking and financial institutions to protect all inbound and outbound communications.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection, which encrypts the message from end-to-end, ensuring the message is encrypted even before the fax is sent from your location.

CloudFax400 Being Used To Send and Receive All Faxes

CloudFax400 Being Used in Parallel To An On-Premise Fax Sever As A Load-Balancing and Business Continuity Solution


How it Works

CloudFax400 can match the capabilities of our on-site fax servers.

Active Directory integration — lookups for routing incoming faxes and updating fax systems instantly, unlike other services that do updates or synchronization's with separate databases

Access to real-time logs for status of sent/received/pending faxes

Faxes can be received as either searchable TIFF or searchable PDF files

Multiple client support – Web-based, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise

Advanced fax routing, a rules-based utility whereby faxes can be automatically
- Routed according to barcode content extracted by Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
-Printed, emailed, split into multiple pages, and quarantined as spam according to DID, date and time received, Caller ID, TSID, etc.

Single sign-on – when you log onto your network computer, your credentials are automatically passed to fax services

Fax processing workflow's, in which the fax automatically progresses from user to user, based on tasks assigned to each user, until processing is completed

Routing to SharePoint document libraries


CloudFax400 Data Sheet

Download the CloudFax400 Product data sheet



Want to discuss Cloud Faxing with an expert?

Call us today on:

USA: 800 429 8983 or (1) 321 726 9941
UK: 020 8972 1390

or email the team at sales@international-presence.com



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