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Enterprise Fax Solutions

International Presence has been developing and delivering cutting-edge enterprise fax solutions for 31 years and we continue to provide our customers with the most advanced fax and document delivery solutions on the market:

Windows Fax Servers

The iMPS2 Lite and iMPS2 Enterprise Fax Servers are the central components of International Presence enterprise fax server solution.


Cloud Faxing

You can now send and receive your fax through the Cloud to reduce costs and eliminate the need for fax servers with CloudFax400

Fax Over IP (FoIP)

Fax over IP (FoIP) enables you to virtualize your fax infrastructure with our T.38 Fax over IP (FoIP), by sending and receiving faxes via a Voice over IP (VoIP) network.

Fax to email

One of the most widely used fax applications is the integration of fax and email in one user Inbox. Enabling users to send and receive faxes within their familiar email interface means less user training and lower administrative costs


FAX/400 is a full-function fax system and it's prime application in iSeries enterprises is the integration of fax with Line-of-Business applications, without any programming.


Rules-Based Fax Routing

Delivering received faxes is an essential feature of any enterprise Fax Server solution. Our Fax Routing Solutions provide an extensive set of features for processing and delivering received faxes, often initiating a fax workflow.

Fax from Applications

Line-of-Business applications can easily be fax-enabled without any programming, by using the unique non-programming spool file API for the volume sending of transactions via fax or email.

Business Continuity

Our Business Continuity Fax solution combines our powerful enterprise-class fax servers and our CloudFAX400 software with hosted fax technology.

Enterprise Fax Overview

Fax is still one of the most popular forms of communication for many businesses because it is a point-to-point communication, which means you can deliver information in real-time, verify receipt, and be sure that your communication is secure.

Fax is also a virus-free communication -a fact that has permanently secured its importance as a means of information delivery.

Enterprise Fax Features

Users sending faxes from their desktops – via email applications such as Outlook, desktop fax clients, or browser-based fax clients.

Applications send and receive faxes through automated processes. For example, Purchase Orders or Invoices prepared by an accounting application can be automatically submitted for fax delivery.

Users receiving faxes directly to their desktop — as email messages or to a fax client. The fax server can intelligently deliver a received fax to its intended recipient based on routing criteria.

Users in workgroups access a shared mailbox to process received faxes as they arrive. Such workflow requirements are common to customer service and order processing groups.

Enterprise Fax Benefits

Automates an every day business process that is otherwise accomplished by printing documents and manually sending them through fax machines.

Reduces the hard costs of fax machines – leasing, maintenance, paper and toner – and improves the efficiency of your workers and processes.

Provides a secure, reliable and proven way to communicate information from your enterprise to any other worldwide.

Reduce spam fax traffic by monitoring and quarantining received spam faxes.


Want to discuss Enterprise Fax with an expert?

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