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Fax from Applications

Line-of-Business applications can easily be fax-enabled without any programming, by using the unique non-programming spool file API for the volume sending of transactions via fax or email. Documents can be portrait, landscape or legal size. They can include an electronic form or overlay generated either by iMPS2 Lite itself or from one of the many Forms products available on the market.

Pre-timed transmissions and batching of numbers for out-of-hours sending with automatic dialing, retries and logging are all maintained automatically. Automation of routine faxing of purchase orders and customer statements etc. on a weekly, monthly or on-demand basis.


Fax-Enable Your Business Applications

Our Fax server and CloudFax solutions integrate with virtually any computing environment to automate and optimize document processing. Businesses can realize both cost and productivity benefits by integrating fax capabilities with email applications, document management collaboration applications, automated production applications, healthcare technology systems, MFPs, and customized business workflow's.


Microsoft SharePoint

Our iMPS fax server and Cloud Fax service integrates with Microsoft SharePoint to provide efficient inbound routing of faxed documents into SharePoint sites, complete with content filtering, metadata tags, and OCR, to facilitate user searches.


Active Directory / Group Policy

Integrating with Active Directory and other LDAP- compatible directory services enables our fax suite for Windows administrators to manage and control multiple fax services independently according to their network needs.

GE Centricity®

Our fax software solutions integrate tightly with GE's Centricity EMR solution. One of the most common applications of this integration is the automatic faxing (from within Logician and without paper) of new and refill prescription requests to pharmacies.

MFP and Network Scanner Devices

Our Fax Server integrates with Multifunction Peripherals (MFPs) from a range of vendors – HP, Xerox, Sharp, e-Copy, FabSoft, and Lexmark – to enable network users to send faxes as easily as they make copies.


By leveraging VMware's virtualization technology; our enterprise fax server and software for Windows enables customers to lower capital and operational costs while providing an efficient and flexible faxing solution.


The AventX Oracle Connector is a feature-rich fax server solution for Oracle E-Business Suite developed by STR Software. It provides a powerful solution directly integrated into Oracle enabling users to automatically email or fax any document printable from within Oracle E-Business Suite.


The AventX Connector for SAP® ERP is a feature-rich fax solution for SAP, developed by STR Software. The AventX Connector for SAP ERP enables users to automatically fax any printable document from SAP.


With our fax server and software for iSeries software, you can fax or email documents from any terminal on your iSeries directly to millions of fax machines worldwide. Realize immediate gains in productivity as users fax directly from their desks. All waiting and redialing is handled automatically.


Organizations can realize the advantages of implementing Fax over IP (FoIP) by deploying a Fax Server that is equipped with the Dialogic BrookTrout SR140 Virtual Fax Board. Faxes can then be routed over an IP network without any need to invest expensive new infrastructure.

IBM Mainframe

Print/Director from Solimar Systems is software that combines with a fax server to enable you to enhance the fax gateway with print stream conversion capabilities. Print/Director takes the incoming print stream, converts it into CCITT3 and then automatically passes it through to the fax gateway.


Our Fax Server application can be used to integrate with Siebel CRM systems. This application integration is accomplished using our SMTP fax gateway and development tools provided by Siebel.

Application Engineering & Consulting Services

Our developers provide consulting services to address bespoke workflow requirements and to ensure that your organization is able to implement a secure document delivery solution that fully integrates with your processes and applications.


We offer programmers a range of APIs for developing applications that interface with the our Fax Servers and CloudFax Service. With these easy-to-use APIs, many of our customers and partners have successfully created custom fax communications applications.


Want to discuss Fax Enabling Your Applications with an expert?

Call us today on:

USA: 800 429 8983 or (1) 321 726 9941
UK: 020 8972 1390

or email the team at sales@international-presence.com


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