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Fax To Email and Email To Fax Solutions

One of the most widely used fax applications is the integration of fax and email in one user Inbox. Enabling users to send and receive faxes within their familiar email interface means less user training and lower administrative costs.

Our Fax solutions, enable you to:

Have multiple options for sending and receiving faxes

Send to both fax and email recipients in the same message

Send faxes as easily as you send email


Fax for SMTP Mail Gateway

Enables users to send email messages to fax recipients from their SMTP Mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, GroupWise, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, etc.).

The SMTP Fax Gateway, which enables users and applications to send/receive faxes via email, works in conjunction with the Microsoft SMTP service that is installed as part of Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) running on Windows systems.

The SMTP Fax Gateway enables your users to send and receive faxes just as easily as they send and receive email messages. Users can launch a new mail message, attach documents in their native file format and address the email message to fax and email recipients. Fax messages can also be initiated from within an application by printing to the Fax Printer. Completion status messages indicating success or failure of each fax job, with detailed explanations, are returned to your users as mail messages. Messages can be addressed manually using the standard T.37 addressing syntax, or addresses can be retrieved from Outlook Contacts using the Outlook client extensions component.

Received faxes are delivered to users as email messages. Users can receive the fax as a TIFF or PDF attachment, or they can receive an email message alerting them of a received fax and providing them with a UNC location where they can retrieve the fax.



Enables users to perform fax functions from their familiar email client

No other client software required

Provides centralized administration via the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

Enables you to take advantage of the integration with Active Directory - without being required to extend the schema

No separate fax user list required

Applications can submit faxes programmatically via SMTP

Directory Integration

The SMTP Fax Gateway is a component of our Fax Suite for Windows application, which works with any LDAP-compatible directory service, without requiring any extensions to your schema. Including Active Directory (AD), Exchange 5.5, Domino, Netscape, and NDS. Because it is fully integrated with Active Directory, any user for whom an account exists in AD can send and receive faxes without the requirement that you maintain a separate fax service user list. You can then create policies that further refine fax service user behavior.


MMC Snap-In

Administrators can use the familiar Microsoft administration tool to configure all aspects of the SMTP Fax Gateway.

Fax for Outlook & Exchange

Fax-enable Exchange Server 2010/2007/2003 and Outlook clients to send and receive faxes right from their desks, save fax recipients in their Address Books/Contact Lists, and build one fax with attachments from multiple applications.

To integrate our on-premise fax server or hosted fax service with Exchange Server and Outlook clients, you run Exchange Management Console and create an SMTP Send Connector that routes mail to the Fax Gateway computer. The SMTP Gateway is a component of our Fax Suite for Windows application, which is installed as a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) administrative desktop.

You can run the console either as a standalone console, or added as a snap-in to your MMC, enabling you to administer network fax services with the same interface with which you administer other network services and users.


Benefits of our Fax Client for Exchange Server

Fax to Email from Exchange For the Fax Service Administrator:

Integrate with Active Directory without any requirement to extend the schema

Manage fax service user permissions and behavior through AD Group Policy

Administer a worldwide distributed network of fax applications and users from one centralized MMC-based desktop

Eliminate the need to maintain a separate list of fax service users

For the Client User:

Receive faxes directly into the Inbox, or as an eMail message with a link to a location from which to retrieve the fax

Capability to use the optional Fax Extensions for Outlook utility, which enables easier fax recipient addressing and transmission option configuration

Capability to preview an outgoing fax before sending

Optional access to the fax service Pending Queue, whereby the user can select his/her own jobs in the queue and make last minute changes to their transmission status and destination fax number


Fax for Lotus Notes & Domino

Enables users to access fax capabilities from Lotus Notes itself, as well as from other Windows applications; supported by both an on-premises fax server and CloudFax400

Our fax solution for Domino enables your Lotus Notes users to send and receive faxes as easily as they send and receive email.

Fully integrated with Notes and Domino, our fax solution reads from the Lotus NAB and manages fax activity and user properties through Domino databases. We support Domino running on any platform, including Windows, IBM iSeries and Mainframes, and RS6000s. FAXCOM for Domino can even be installed on the FAXCOM Fax Server.


Fax for Novell GroupWise

Our Fax Solutions integrate with Novell's eDirectory and NDS directory services via LDAP to maintain and synchronize a separate fax user list. User properties and permissions are administered natively through directory services.

GroupWise users send faxes through their familiar mail interface. Users can initiate a fax from within GroupWise, or they can print application output to our print driver, which will launch the GroupWise mail client. Our Fax for GroupWise add-in provides a fax address builder within the GroupWise mail message UI, a list of cover pages, and the capability to define fax priority and scheduling. Fax recipients can be stored into and selected from the GroupWise phone books.

Users can also fax from our Fax Client, a desktop fax application, or from the browser-accessible CloudFax400. Both applications provide a folder-baser UI for composing, sending, receiving, and managing faxes, as well as such fax workflow features as Shared Mailboxes.

Applications and processes send, receive, and track faxes via Application Programming Interfaces (API's). API's to our Fax Server solution include .NET, Web Services, COM, SMTP, and Java.

Want to discuss Fax to Email Solutions with an expert?

Call us today on:

USA: 800 429 8983 or (1) 321 726 9941
UK: 020 8972 1390

or email the team at sales@international-presence.com


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