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In today's highly competitive business environment, fast, accurate communication can make the difference between being successful and being left behind. For iSeries users, that means FAX/400 - the total enterprise solution for sending and receiving faxes and email.


FAX/400 delivers an integrated enterprise fax server solution for AS/400, iSeries and all Windows platforms.

FAX/400 is a full-function fax system and it's prime application in iSeries enterprises is the integration of fax with Line-of-Business applications, without any programming.

FAX/400 was one of only two software products adopted by IBM at the initial launch of the AS/400.

Fax/400 SMTP Email Gateway available for automatically emailing iSeries documents via IMPS2 Lite, using your existing SMTP email server. The latest Release-P version is available to maintenance-paying customers.


at a glance:

Fax or email iSeries spooled files and reports including landscape documents, using your own software graphics and forms overlays.

Send purchase orders, invoices, order acknowledgements, quotes, picking lists, from any desktop and centrally manage all messaging activity.

Easy integration, without any programming, with any mission-critical application suites (e.g. MAPICS etc.).

Fax from your desktop applications including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange or Groupwise.

Industry-leading integration with Exchange and/or Notes/Domino provides all your LAN/WAN users with a single interface for managing faxes and email from a single mailbox

Automatically send, receive and route enterprise documents via fax from iSeries and Windows platforms

Email mission critical Line-of-Business documents

Merge data with electronic form overlays

Supports Lotus Notes/Domino, Microsoft Exchange, GroupWise, and SMTP email systems.

Directory Services - integrate with Active Directory or any other LDAP-compatible directory service.

Manage users in AD through Group Policy.

MMC Snap-On for easy management.

Image Indexing / Archiving provides a means to store documents for easy retrieval.

Connectors to Canon eCopy and HP Digital Senders, FileNet and Kofax systems.

Flexible, Secure and Reliable


Fax/400 Main Features

SMTP support for outbound email via SMTP server via TCP/IP via iMPS2 Lite/ iMPS2 Enterprise

PDF support to send outbound emails as either Body Text or as Text/Tiff/PDF attachment via iMPS2 Lite/ iMPS2 Enterprise

Inbound email support with routing to iSeries Fax/400 mailboxes and/or Exchange/Notes mail messaging system.

TCP/IP support for iMPS2 Lite connected to iSeries or AS/400

WAS support for archiving all incoming/outgoing faxes as Tiff G4 within a WebSphere (or similar WAS) environment

Support for Internet-only iMPS2 Lite/iMPS2 Enterprise (email only)

Support for printing of non-faxed/emailed spool files complete with form overlays/graphics to either an AFP iSeries/AS/400 printer or a PC printer connected with Host Transform

PCL support for display and printing of outbound PCL faxes

Notes/Exchange support for internal copies to be delivered to Notes/Exchange mailbox rather than Fax/400 mailbox (if SMTP email gateway is installed)


fax/400 Description

As well as providing a total fax solution to both iSeries terminal and PC connected Users, Fax/400 provides a price performance that is unmatched in the market today by its support for our strategic corporate communications servers iMPS2 Lite and iMPS 2 Enterprise (Integrated Message Processing Server).

As a fax server, the iMPS2 range allows for multiple fax lines in a single unit. It connects directly to the network, communicating via TCP/IP. It provides full Landscape faxing, scale-to-fit Forms Merging, PCL print rendering and Internet connectivity.


Desktop Faxing

FAX/400 enables you to send faxes and email in a variety of ways with or without automatic fax covers. These can be created from any terminal on your iSeries in the built-in text editor, or any Windows application.

Full seamless integration to Exchange and Groupwise applications.


Application Faxing

Line-of-Business applications can send faxes by using the Unique Non-Programming Spool File API. Fax-enabling applications such as Purchase Orders and Statements, whether portrait, landscape or legal sized documents, with or without electronic form overlays, could not be simpler. There is also a Data File API and published CL commands for those companies that want to fax-enable their own code in order that fax becomes an inbuilt feature of their own application.

All outgoing faxes regardless of how they are created, e.g. from a Windows Desktop, from an iSeries application, from an Electronic Forms product in PCL or AFP format, can be pre- timed to take advantage of cheaper tariffs and those bound for the same fax number can be automatically batched to increase the cost savings.


Receiving Faxes

Users can be alerted when faxes or email arrives. Faxes can be viewed, rotated, zoomed in, converted into different image standards, changed, forwarded, printed, and filed in a variety of formats including FAX/400 mailboxes or third party products.

Automatic inbound routing using DID, DTMF, OCR, DDI and the latest ISDN technologies is supported - turning each user's terminal into a personal fax machine.

Fax/400 also allows faxes to be received directly and securely into the iSeries. Users can be alerted when faxes have come in for them, they can then be viewed, rotated, zoomed in on, converted into different image standards changed, re-routed to other users filed in either Fax/400 mailboxes or a variety of third party products and resent from the screen on the desktop.

Automatic inbound routing using the very latest technologies is supported, turning the Users' screens into their own personal fax machines. Even iSeries terminal Users can be told that messages have arrived for them and even though they cannot view them unless they are using an Image Terminal, they can print them to a variety of different supported printers.


Central Control & Administration

FAX/400 provides a corporate solution. It supports an unlimited number of users and phone lines. Security and confidentiality are assured by the system's inbuilt hierarchy of Users within Department within Division within Company. It controls the dialing, retries batching, partial re-sends, logging, filing, archiving, saving and purging all as an integral part of the application process.


Least Cost Routing

FAX/400's least cost routing capability is unrivalled. Faxes can be routed across the WAN or the Internet to local servers where long distance faxes become local calls.

As part of a corporate implementation, Fax/400's Least Cost Routing capability is unrivalled. The savings such an implementation can achieve are enormous.

For example, a company has three AS/400s. One in the US, one in the UK and one in Australia. Each host has multiple remote sites. A User in Ireland, being a remote site on the UK host creates a fax bound for Hong Kong. The UK host recognizes the fax on the queue as being for a destination in the Far East. It sends the fax through the network to the iSeries host in Australia. From this queue Fax/400 then transmits the fax locally from the Hong Kong-based remote controller at no cost as local calls are free. Confirmations are then sent back to the UK-based iSeries, maintaining the integrity of the Inter-company audit trails and costing reports.


fax/400 highlights

IBM Partners Recommend and Integrate with FAX/4OO
FAX/400 is the worlds best selling mid-range FAX solution
No Programming Required
Fax enabling of existing iSeries line-of-business applications can be implemented with no programming
Ease of Addressing
FAX/400 directories and distribution lists allow ease of addressing
Scheduled Transmission Scheduled transmissions allows off-peak sending without an operator
Complete Security Security and confidentiality are assured by authorization control at each level: user, department, division, and company
Analysis Billing codes and powerful tools allow in-depth usage analysis and graphical display by user or server from a complete audit trail
Windows Integration FAX/400 provides a single point of sending and receiving faxes, while delivering portability between Windows and your iSeries midrange system
Printing Flexibility Incoming fax printing on a variety of IPDS, GDDM, or PC connected printers. Receive faxes to the desktop, printer, and Email
Support Utilities Supports the IBM integrated fax adaptor card and FS/400 for AFP and IPDS faxing
Easy to Use Interface Fax directly from any desktop and native application as easily as printing. Add native file attachments with the click of a mouse
Email Integration Seamless integration lets desktop users fax from Lotus Notes, MS Exchange/Outlook, other SMTP mail servers
Broadcast Broadcast to mail lists. Send immediately or schedule transmissions for later delivery
Automate Automate the routine faxing of Purchase Orders, Invoices, Statements, etc., on a weekly, monthly, or other basis
Least Cost Routing Route faxes between servers, over your private WAN or Internet, to make a free local call out of a long distance fax connection
Scalable Add unlimited users, servers and lines easily

fax/400 specifications

Mail Compatibility:
Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Groupwise SMTP mail servers
Supported Applications:
Word processing, spreadsheet, text, graphics, postscript, PCL, PDF, etc.
Inbound Routing Compatibility: DID, DTMF Cover Page, CSID, Dedicated Channel, OCR
Unlimited Concurrent Fax Events: No limitation to how many faxes may be sent to the queue.
System Description: Installed directly on AS/400 or iSeries
User Workstations: Unlimited number of clients
Telco Interfaces: Analogue, ISDN, T1, E1, Fractional ISDN


Fax400 Data Sheet

Download the CloudFax400 Product data sheet


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