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Hosted Workflow

Workflow software tools allow businesses to automate their processes to attain enterprise operational efficiencies. They can be utilized throughout the entire business process lifecycle, integrating technology, information and human resources to improve control, save time and reduce expenditure.

International Presence provides a cloud platform to develop process-centric workflow applications from scratch. Business users as well as developers can use this platform to easily develop new applications and connect them with existing systems and cloud services, to build applications. Our hosted workflow platform has been built with PRESENCE technology and is available for both large enterprises as well as small- to medium-sized businesses.

Our hosted workflow platform supports fast business innovation and provides a fast response to customer demands in a cost-effective way, without any IT investment or complex customization of enterprise software.


Key Features

Transparency & Process Continuity - PRESENCE allows for instant notification of events within a workflow to one or many users. Events can trigger a variety of message types to be sent to other users with data from a form, or a message advising that an event has occurred.

Our solutions can show the progress (or lack thereof) of a task or project. It shows at what workflow stage a project or task is at and by person, what roles and responsibilities are required to complete the task or project. This allows for a faster response to staff, customers and partners.

Automation - PRESENCE eliminates the possibility of double entry and can automate system-to-system communication and many other tasks.

Centralization - All business applications and reporting are contained within our hosted workflow platform, removing the time spent switching to and from different applications. PRESENCE reporting allows real time analysis providing faster and better decision-making.

Reporting - Tools can automatically create and distribute information to users or import reports into statistical analysis programs making the analysis of data an easier task.

Efficient- Searching for information will become faster and easier using PRESENCE's built-in search and filter functions. To avoid two people changing the same information at the same time, PRESENCE locks data when it is accessed. The software's approval feature allows other members to approve information before it progresses, ensuring management or client approval can not be bypassed.

Clarity - PRESENCE offers a real-time view of the whole process: the current state, what events took place, what each user is required to do, how to do a task and who is working on other steps in the process. PRESENCE shows a task list of prioritized items awaiting input, leading to faster response times and better time management.

Cost-Effectiveness - Our workflow management product offers a single system for different workflow applications, removing the requirement to purchase other business software. PRESENCE provides users with limited IT skills the capacity to design a customized workflow system without requiring the expense of programming staff. PRESENCE does not require customers to purchase enterprise-wide systems and are able to implement a single workflow.

Reach - The web-based architecture allows real time involvement in the workflow of staff, clients and alliance partners irrespective of their location.

Traceability - PRESENCE uses task lists and escalation rules to ensure tasks are completed. Audit Trails and Performance Reporting assist in identifying inefficiencies in workflow's as well as staff who miss deadlines, productivity levels by staff member and process bottlenecks. Detail is available on who created, changed, deleted and approved information.

Expandability - Our Web Services manages the extent to which it works with other software in the business structure.


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