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Introduction to iMPSCloud.com

iMPSCloud.com is a hosted, high-volume messaging service specifically designed for the enterprise.

With iMPSCloud.com, we have transformed our very successful Integrated Message Processing Server into a carrier independent Integrated Message Processing Service that provides our customers with a complete message transaction processing solution in the Cloud.

Having developed both the technology and global partnerships necessary to achieve this, we can now deliver it to you in a simple 2-phase approach.

In Phase 1, we will eliminate your fax and message hardware, so you won't need to have any physical message servers on your premises.

In Phase 2, we will eliminate all of your fax and messaging software too, so you won't have to support that either.

Instead, your integration to iMPSCloud.com will be via a very simple, very powerful and universally used web services interface and we will deliver to you a Complete Unified Communications Solutions that, while it may be focused on fax initially, can also be used for:

FAX over IP (FoIP)
Voice over IP (VoIP)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Secure Document Delivery


The iMPSCloud.com Browser Interface


Phase 1 - Fax Over IP (FoIP)

The first phase is a transition to Fax over IP.

With FoIP you can get rid of your message servers and will only need software. This can be installed on your existing LAN or WAN and complements other projects that you might be doing internally, such as putting VOIP on your installed PBX system.

The software will work with almost all switch protocols and we have media gateways for those that are less friendly in the connectivity environment.

The core of 1 phase is to get rid of the hardware.


Virtual Cloud Option Includes High Availability and Disaster Recovery

During Phase 1 we can also offer you a ‘virtual’ cloud environment and you don’t have to change anything. Simply pay a subscription and we’ll connect you to the cloud.

So, rather than sending faxes out via your existing server technology, they can go out via the Cloud at the flick of a switch.

By using iMPSCloud.com, purely as a high availability and disaster recovery solution for your existing applications, we can provide an enterprise Cloud Fax service to you today.

We call this a 'virtual' cloud because it’s not a full cloud implementation and you are still maintaining the software within your environment.

In some cases you may even continue to use your existing fax hardware, but rather than expand that technology, you would install a virtual Cloud connection to provide a High Availability or Disaster Recovery solution.


Phase 2 - Full Cloud Implementation

In Phase 2, we will eliminate all of the software too and take your line of business applications through our published web-service calls and straight out through the cloud.


iMPSCloud.com is Carrier Independent

iMPSCloud.com has been designed specifically for transaction messaging – so we’re talking about high volume, mission critical and guaranteed delivery required.

Having specialized in this industry for 26 years, we knew that no single carrier can provide a total solution for every type of traffic to all geographical destinations.

Therefore we have developed partnerships with all the the major carriers in the world to keep iMPSCloud.com carrier independent.

This means that we will always send your messages from our data centers though the right carrier for your transaction.

And we can promise you ...

Guaranteed Delivery at the Lowest Possible Price ... Everytime!

We currently have links through all of the following service providers:



The Benefits of iMPSCloud.com

iMPSCloud.com can be used to provide a complete messaging solution or it can work alongside your existing in-house messaging hardware as a cost-effective, high-availability or disaster recovery solution, to:

Fulfil the rationalization of software and hardware
Reduce your support levels and costs
Eliminate hardware and software maintenance
Eliminate expensive fixed phone lines
Lower phone bills
Free up internal resources.


How does iMPSCloud.com work?

Messages you send are securely routed via a secure connection to one of our state of the art data centers and then sent on using the services from a choice of first-class carriers and telco's to provide you with the most cost effective routing for your messages possible.

The result is totally secure and cheaper enterprise messaging and guaranteed delivery, without the hassle of any hardware, software or maintenance of any on-site solutions.


Want to discuss iMPSCloud.com with an expert?

Call us today on:

USA: 800 429 8983 or (1) 321 726 9941
UK: 020 8972 1390

or email the team at sales@international-presence.com

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