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Real time Reporting and Dashboards

As well as a powerful Business Activity Monitoring functionality, PRESENCE can provide a rapid solution to operational process management requirements by it’s ability to provide Real-Time reporting.

Not just operational metrics, i.e. stats on the number of times processes run etc., but also analysis of process efficiencies by using the actual business data.

A PRESENCE Dashboard Monitoring live RFID Data

Using web-based reporting dashboards, operational metrics, and real time business reporting, Management gain higher visibility into business performance. They can then more easily identify inefficiencies, make better decisions and take faster corrective action.

The Presence Deviation Engine technology, can identify changes in your data at a field level, reporting new records, changed / unchanged records, and even deleted records and take different actions according to what is found. The data can then be transformed, filtered, split, or merged before being output in an almost limitless variety of ways.

The in-built Custom Data Formatter provides Users with a variety of different report formats including but not limited to HTML, XML, CSV and Padded Texts. With the ability to call existing line-of-business programs from within PRESENCE tasks, including reports, Users quickly recognize the many benefits offered by On-Demand personalized reporting and just how the delivery of lower business costs and increased efficiency can be a reality.

Without exception, management information systems have become more personal over recent years whilst organizations have felt the pain of information overload caused in part by an increase in ease of data access, the implementation of Business Intelligence systems (BI) and Data Warehousing. PRESENCE BPM makes reporting a personal sub-process of any business task and it does so in real time. Having access to the right information at the right time by the right media is key to the on-going task of optimizing business processes in order to improve overall effectiveness.

Discover more about PRESENCE technology here ...

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PRESENCE Orchestration
Document Management and Workflow Development

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PRESENCE Cloud and Legacy Integration

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