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Secure Messaging


In the current business environment, SECURITY has become a fundamental necessity when exchanging information. We at International Presence recognize its’ importance and are proud to announce the release of our SECURE MESSAGING SUITE*.

Each day enterprise customers send and receive critical business transaction messages in multiple ways: Email; Fax; SMS; and Web-Services. Companies urgently need a centralized messaging solution that is agile and responsive, one that can alert them when things so wrong. More importantly, the ability to have full visibility of all messaging activities.

With over 31 years’ in the Enterprise Messaging business, we at International Presence have used all our knowledge and experience to develop our leading-edge Message Processing Solution (iMPS).

(*Existing customers can now upgrade to the latest
edition which includes the new Secure Messaging Suite.)

Secure Messaging
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Features & Key Benefits Include:

  • Browser-Based Secure Login
  • Central Messaging Dashboard Enabling Users to View and Manage Their Enterprise Messages (Fax, Email, SMS, Secure Messaging)
  • Easy to Use Central Portal for Systems Administrators and Management
  • Securely Automate, Track, and Manage Document Deliveries from Your Desktop or Line of Business Application (IBMI i, SAP, Oracle, etc.)
  • Detailed Audit Logs – for Compliance Reporting
  • Webservices APIs – Enable Full Automation of Secure Messaging from Line of Business Application
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) - Monitoring & Alerts
  • Data is Encrypted
  • Reporting
  • Barcode and OCR Processing Features
  • Advanced Workflow Processing With our PRESENCE Solution Set.

Want to discuss our SIP Trunking with an expert?

Call us today on:

USA: 800 429 8983 or (1) 321 726 9941
UK: 020 8972 1390

or email the team at sales@international-presence.com

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