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Windows Fax Servers

The iMPS2 Lite and iMPS2 Enterprise Fax Servers are the central components of International Presence enterprise fax server solution.

Certified to run on Windows 2008R2, 2008 and 2003, our fax servers integrate with the latest Microsoft applications, including Exchange Server 2010/2007/2003, SQL 2005/2008, SharePoint, Active Directory, AD Group Policy, and Office 2007 and 2010.

Using Intelligent fax boards from Dialogic® Brooktrout®, the iMPS2 Servers can connect to: analog loop-start or DID phone lines; digital phone lines, such as T1, PRI, E1, and BRI. The Windows-based servers also use fax software that can support real-time fax communications over IP via the T.38 protocol.


iMPS2 Fax Servers

Our second generation Enterprise Fax Servers are high performance, scalable systems that translate documents to and from a fax format and connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to send and receive faxes.

Features Include:

Converts native file formats such as PDF and Word to TIFF for fax transmission.

Can be implemented as a software and boards solution, or provided turnkey complete with server hardware

Connects to analog loop-start or DID phone lines, or digital phone lines such as T1, PRI, EI, and BRI.

Supports T.38 for real-time Fax over IP (FoIP).

Each iMPS2 Server supports up to 96 fax ports (or 90 ports in an E1configuration).

Capable of issuing SNMP alarms, Windows Events, and SMTP notifications for issues such as fax port utilization and inoperative phone lines.

Microsoft Certified for Windows 2003 and 2008; also runs on Linux.


iMPS2 Fax Server Key Features:

With our PRESENCE technology we can provide advanced Fax Routing with an extensive set of features for processing and delivering received faxes. Delivery instructions could be simple, such as routing all faxes sent to a given fax number to a particular user. Or delivery instructions could be advanced, such as extracting information from the fax image and using this information to perform a database lookup for delivery instructions.


Job Tracking & Reporting

Job Tracking & Reporting is a service that collects transaction information from every iMPS Server in the enterprise. Each fax transaction is identified with a globally unique ID. This provides for a single complete source of information of all fax transactions, all stored in a SQL database. Job Tracking can be configured to signal alarms in the case that a transaction is not completed within a certain time period.

Job Tracking includes a browser-based application that provides standard reports. Custom reports can also be created and can be executed immediately or scheduled to be automatically delivered via email.


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

We can provide a range of options for interfacing applications to Windows and Linux Server solutions via Application Programming Interfaces. APIs include:

.NET & Web Services




Envelope Specification (File Drop)

Fax Printer Driver

DocFlow (Document Templating)

These APIs are used to integrate fax with applications, workflow's, and business processes.


iMPS2 Enterprise Data Sheet

Download the iMPS2 Enterprise Fax Server Product data sheet

iMPS2 Lite Data Sheet

Download the iMPS2 Lite Fax Server Product data sheet



Want to discuss your Fax Server requirements with an expert?

Call us today on:

USA: 800 429 8983 or (1) 321 726 9941
UK: 020 8972 1390

or email the team at sales@international-presence.com


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