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As400 action header.png

AS400 Action Node

The purpose of this Node is to interact with the iSeries / AS400, for which you will need the hostname of the as400 (or ip address) along with a valid username and password.

The supported actions are:

Read Data Area

This is perhaps the simplest action available on the AS400 Actions list.

Select "Read Data Area" from the "Type of Request" drop down,

Then edit the Library Name,Object Name,Member Name and Member Type to specify the Data Area that is to be read.

Finally the Return Column Name specifies the Column Name to be created in the Presence Datatable into which the data value will be put.

As an example the following Read Data Area action:-

As400 readdataarea.png

Results in this Datatable:-

As400 readdataarearesults.png

Program Call

This action can be used to call a Program on the AS400, passing into it parameters and receiving returned parameters.

It requires Library and a Program followed by a List of Parameters.

These contain a Param value and if the parameter is to be altered by the program a Return Param name, Type and Length.

We can add or remove extra parameters with the Add and Remove buttons.

As400 programcall.png

Once you've set the parameters, you can go to the test tab and hit 'Test The Action'.

The output tab will let you know if anything went wrong, such as the wrong number or type of parameters being passed to the call.

As400 output.png

The results tab will again give you the data returned by the action.

As400 results.png

Program Call Via A Command

This is a simplified version of Program Call, and requires Library, Program and a list of Parameters

It effectively runs the command:-


As such, it can't return parameter values, or set parameter types.

Once again extra parameters can be added or removed.


This runs a basic Command, in the specified Library with the extra parameters specifying each Key and Value.

It effectively runs:-

LIBRARY/COMMAND key1(value1) key2(value2)

Once again extra parameters can be added or removed.

Copy File

This action copies a file from a local file From to a location on the as400 To.

The Return Column Name will create a DataTable with this column name set to TRUE or FALSE depending on the successful action.

It will also throw an error if the command fails.

As400 filecopy.png


As400 filecopyoutput.png

Check File Exists

This checks whether the file specified by File exists and will return TRUE or FALSE in the

Return Column Name, or throw an exception if the action fails.

As400 fileexists.png


As400 fileexistsresults.png

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