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Key Facts

Purpose: Creating, editing, queuing and debugging Tasks
Type: User Interface
Started By: presadmin.exe or Start menu shortcut

The Presence Administration Client is the main interface for creating, editing and managing the execution of Presence Tasks.

Starting the Administration Client

To start the Presence Administration Client, go to Start > Programs > Presence V3 > Administration > Presence Admin Console.

You will be prompted to log in. You should use the administration username and password created during Installation.

The Domain Passphrase is set per Presence Domain. This is typically blank on a fresh installation, but can be set to something more secure using the Set Passphrase tool.

At a Glance

The following highlights the main components of the Administration Client:

Task Explorer

The Task Explorer is a tree view of Categories and Tasks. To open a Task, just double click on it.

Task Elements Toolbox

Split into four panels, these are the building blocks for your Tasks. Drag Task Elements from here into the Task Canvas to add them to your Task.

Resources Explorer

The Resources Explorer is a tree view intended for displaying and managing Categories and Resources.

Task Designer Canvas

This is the region of the screen where users build Tasks by dragging items from the Task Elements Toolbox and linking them together.

See also: Task Designer

Menu and Toolbar

See: Menu Options, Toolbar Items

Architecture > Client Components > Administration Client

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