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The Channel Manager application is a Windows desktop tray icon that listens for Message Channel join requests and alerts the user when one arrives so that it can be accepted or denied.

Channel manager trayicon.png

In order to use the Channel Manager you must first log in as a Presence administrator:

Channel manager login.png

Once you have logged in the application will remember you in future, unless you select "Exit and log out" from the right-click popup menu.

Join Request Alerts

When somebody requests (via the Channel Subscription Service) to join a Channel that is secure and that the currently logged in user has permission to manage, a balloon alert will be displayed as follows:

Channel manager alert.png

Right-click on the tray icon to view the popup menu, which provides the following options:

  • Manage Presence Channels
  • Exit and Logout
  • Exit

To view subscribers and join requests, click "Manage Presence Channels". You will then be presented with the Message Channels manager interface.

Exit and Logout quits the application and forces you to re-authenticate the next time you launch it.

Exit just quits the application but remembers your username and password for the next time the application runs.