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Context XML Nodes

These Nodes allow you to save and restore the Presence Context. This is exceptionally useful if you wish to send the state of your Task to the Presence support staff for investigation, or if you want to preserve your data for later use. Another more useful feature of being able to export the context is parallel processing with multiple Presence Servers. Say you had a very large dataset to number crunch, you would simply chunk the data into separate parts and invoke the processing task(s) on separate servers.

Write Context To XML

This Node saves the current Presence Context to an XML file of your choosing.

Write xml dialog.png

Enter the file location in the field provided, or alternatively specify a variable to save the context to. You can opt to store global variables, task variables, local variables and the data table.

Read Context from XML

This Node loads the Presence Context from an XML file or from a variable.

Read xml dialog.png

Again you can specify a file name for the XML or a variable name (if the context was saved to a variable). Local and task variables can either be ignored, appended to the existing variables in the context (or ignored if present) or can replace all existing variables in the Context. Global variables can be ignored (do not read) or appended as Task variables.

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