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Administration Client > Database Backup

The database backup tool allows you to manage and view the routine Presence database backup. It is highly recommended that you perform a daily backup of your Presence database to protect against accidental data loss.

Database backup.png

To enable routine database backups ensure that the check-box labelled "Backup Database" is checked.

Folder Location

This is the root location where backup files will be stored. A subdirectory will be created within this folder for each backup performed, which will be named by the date of the backup in the format "yyyyMMdd" - e.g. 20100713 for July 13th 2010.

Enter the time that you would like the daily backup performed (default 03:00 am) - you should choose a time when Presence is likely to be less busy.

Specify the number of days that each backup should be kept before being deleted - the default is three days.

You can optionally retain the backup for the 1st of every month, in case you need to roll back to an earlier version of your Presence Tasks.

Architecture > Administration Client > Database Backup

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