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Key Facts

Purpose: Internal state / data storage, logging
Type: Background Process
Started By: Heartbeat Server via Remote Program Call Server

Database Server

Presence V 3.x uses IBM Pointbase (TM) to store all internal data and state & Hyper SQL for Presence V 4.x. The Database Server is installed as part of a Presence full installation, or can be installed separately.

In order for the Administration Client and Presence Server to function correctly they must be able to communicate with the Database Server on port 9092 or 9001 for Presence V 4.x.


The Database Server is installed as part of the standard installation procedure. When installed for the first time you will be prompted for configuration information such as the database password and the default administrator account information.

Structural Updates

Usually when Presence is upgraded it will be necessary to perform database modifications, such as creating and modifying tables. This is performed automatically when the process is started after an upgrade, but you should allow the process extra time to start in such instances.

Activity Archive Conversion

If upgrading from an earlier version to version 3.6 or later the database server needs to convert existing activity archive records into the new file structure. It is important to allow sufficient time for this process to complete. A progress update can be viewed via the Heartbeat Client.

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