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Delete File Node

This Node causes a file or directory to be permanently, irrecoverably deleted, for ever. Without the help of forensic disk specialists you will never see the file again. That may be a good thing. It may be a bad thing. Be careful out there.

Here is a screenshot of the Delete File dialog. This appears when you drag a Delete File Node into your Task. We may improve it a bit soon, perhaps with some big scary warning signs.

Delete file dialog.gif

File to Delete

This is the local or network path to the file or directory that you would like your Presence Task to delete.

Folder Options

These options are applicable if the "File to Delete" specified is a directory (or folder, depending on which you prefer to call it - we're easy).

Delete inner files

If a directory was specified, this will cause any files within the directory to be deleted, permanently.

Delete inner folders (and their contents!)

Any sub-directories will also be deleted. And any files within those subdirectories, and any directories within those subdirectories, and so on and so forth. We do not recommend trying this on your C: drive.

Delete this Folder

Assuming that any files, subdirectories etcetera were deleted (see above), this will cause the directory itself to also be deleted. There really is no going back from this one, unless you are Columbo.

Recovering Accidentally Deleted Files

At present this feature is not available.

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