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Administration Client > Document Locator

The Presence File Chooser allows users to pick local or remote documents and is used in several Task Elements.

Document locator.png

Local Network Files

Selecting this option will launch a minimal file chooser dialog prompting the user to enter the file location. Clicking "Browse" will launch a file browser.

On The Internet

This option launches the HTTP File Locator dialog:

Http locator.png

General Tab

Here you should specify the URL of the document you wish Presence to retrieve and a username and password in case HTTP authentication is required to retrieve the document.

Cookies Tab

Presence Tasks can maintain session state between HTTP requests by receiving and sending cookies. This may mean that a web server remembers Presence's identity between requests. You can enable or disable this feature using the "Send cookies..." and "Accept cookies..." check boxes.

Advanced Tab

Specify whether this should be a GET request or a POST request. The difference is whether parameters are sent as part of the URL (in the case of GET requests) or part of the header (POST) requests. POST requests allow for larger amounts of data to be sent, and the behaviour of the server may differ depending on the method.

In addition you can specify name/value pair parameters, which can include Presence Variables, Data Table references and Function Calls.

On an FTP Server

Ftp locator.png

Allows you to specify a path on an FTP Server by browsing the directory structure. FTP Connections are configured with the FTP Connections Resource editor.

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