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Drop Column

This Node drops individual columns from the current Data Table. Dragging a Drop Column node into your Task will present the following dialog box:

Drop column dialog.png

Type in the name of the column you wish to drop as is - i.e. do not use the :var{...} convention. However you can still use ctrl+space to bring up suggestions.


The following Task creates a Data Table then outputs it as HTML. A Drop Column node is then inserted to remove the TELEPHONE_NUMBER column (maybe we don't want this to be public!) and then the table is outputted again.

Drop column task.png

Here is the HTML output before the Drop Column Node:

Html table pre dropcolumn.png

And here it is after the Drop Column Node:

Html table post dropcolumn.png

As you can see the TELEPHONE_NUMBER column has disappeared, which is what we wanted. By the way, we don't recommend calling any of the numbers shown here.

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