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Drop Row(s)

This Node (selectively) deletes records from the current Data Table.

If no Rules are in place this Node will delete all the current records. You can restrict this to only delete records that match certain criteria by double-clicking on the Node in your Task and specifying which rules should apply:

Rules dialog.png


Let's imagine we need to create a sales report identifying under-performing regions. We want our report to include regions where the quarterly turnover has been less than the average for the entire company. Our initial data table (which we'll create with the Create Data Table node) contains the following:

Create data table for drop rows.png

We can then calculate the average turnover using the "Calculate Column Aggregate" node. Following this, a "Drop Rows" node removes any rows which match the condition:

Drop rows example.png

And here is the resulting Data Table, which only contains records where the turnover is below the average (£ 67,530.00}:

Drop rows result.png

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