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The Heartbeat Client allows users to stop, start, and view runtime information on the following Presence components:

- Work Server

- Database Server

- HTTP Server

To launch the Heartbeat Client, go to:

Start > Programs > Presence Viii > Heartbeat > Heart Beat Client

You will then be asked which server you wish to connect to. This is the machine that is running the Heartbeat Server. If this is unlikely to ever change, check the "Automatically connect to this server" checkbox.

Assuming everything is running correctly, you should see the following window:


Each service is listed by the service type followed by the hostname of the machine that it is running on.

To stop or start a service, right click on the service name and select Actions > Shutdown or Actions > Start [service name].

Selecting a Service will bring up a list of properties relating to that service, which can be useful to see what that service is currently doing.

For example for the Presence Work Server, the following properties are visible:

  • Currently Executing Tasks
    A list of Tasks that are currently being executed on that Server.
  • Database Connections
    A list of active database connections.
  • Memory available to JVM
    This is the amount of memory that is currently free for Presence to work with.
  • Server started date
    The date and time when the Server was started.
  • Server Status
    The active status of the server. Once it has gone through its initiation this should say "Running". If the license is not valid for the server it will be displayed here.
  • Task Elements Per Second
    The number of Task Elements that have been running per second since the Server started.
  • Thread Dump
    Useful for tracing the Server's activity in case of any problems.
  • Total Task Elements ran
    The total number of Task Elements that have ran since the server was started.