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The Journey Of The Folder

The route through the system is as follows:-

Scanned emails come and each attachment is unzipped to a new folder in:-

If the attachment is a zip then the zip will be unzipped and each file in the zip placed in a new folder

The folder, eg "527" that is passed around will contain 3 files:-

A trigger file, "imasready.txt" to say that the folder is ready to be processed
A message txt file, eg "527.txt" which contains the attachment
A email message id file, eg ""
Each of the above folders is then taken and placed in one of the following folders


Anything in Unknown will need to be dealt with 'by hand'
Another task will then move the folders from the above directories to the equivalent in process:-

Once the as400 table has been inserted into, the program run, 
and then the as400 table found to be empty again the folder will be placed in:-


When the folder is place in the ok, the deleteme file is deleted.
If something goes wrong then the folder ends up in:-


The Email Directory

The emails are internally tracked through the following:-


A list of emails that have been read and so will be ignored if found again

This folder is scanned and if the message id is not in the Archive, Buckets or Scan directory, we know that we have
finished with the email and so it can be forwarded and then deleted.

When an email is read, a copy of it is placed in here, so that we can use this file to forward the email later
When we are actually ready to forward the email, we place it in here.
This folder is scanned and the emails in it are forwarded.