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This needs writing.

Installation Guide

The installer is fairly self explanatory, but here is a walkthrough:

First download the latest version of the Presence installer. The URL for this can be obtained by your Presence account manager.

- Click next on the introduction screen

- Accept the Ts & Cs

- Choose an install directory (your biggest volume)

- Choose a program group for icons, etc.

- Select the "Full" install set - the top left

- Select "Main Server"

- Select Windows Service (automatic or manual) for the Remote Program Call server and the Heartbeat Server

- Click Install

- Click yes to configure the security options in the database (this will allow you to configure the username / password for the database and initial admin account, backup directory and administrative contact email address)

- Select the license key location (assuming you're installing it on the same machine)

- Run the services suggested in the order provided.

After that you should be able to launch the administration client:

Start > Programs > Presence Viii > Administration > Presence Admin Console