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Administration Client > Jar Manager

The Jar Manager is a component of the Presence Administration Client which allows the user to import external Java archive files into the Presence database. Because they are stored in a central repository libraries can, once imported, be referenced by any process in the Presence installation.

To access the Jar Manager:

  • From the Administration Console Menu: Tools > Jar Manager


To import a new Jar, click the "Import Jar" button, which will launch a file browser - select the file you wish to import and click okay.

Right-clicking on the list of Jars brings up the following pop-up menu:


  • Refresh Jar List - refreshes the currently displayed list of imported Jars.
  • Import Jar - performs the same action as clicking the "Import Jar" button.
  • Add Loose Classes - imports loose Java classes that are not bundled into an archive file.
  • Remove Jar - permanently deletes the selected Jar.

When a Jar is selected a tree view of the structure of the archive file is displayed in the right-hand pane, allowing you to inspect or choose the contents.

Right clicking on an item will bring up the following menu options:

  • Verify Class - if a class is selected, this option allows the user to verify that the class can be loaded, and will display information about it such as which interfaces it implements and which class it extends.
  • Remove class - removes the selected class from the archive.
  • Remove resource - removes the selected resource (non Java class) from the archive.
  • Remove package - removes the selected package and any contained classes or resources.

The last three options will only be available if an appropriate item has been selected, and the user is given a warning message before proceeding.

Architecture > Administration Client > Jar Manager

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