LDAP Query Nodes

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The LDAP Query

The LDAP Query allows interrogation of Active Directories.

The output from the LDAP Query can then be integrated with a Presence Task in exactly the same way as other data sources to provide alerts or data integration facilities.

To add an LDAP Query to a Task you can select it from the right click menu or drag the LDAP Query icon from the Data Access list.

An LDAP Query is an anonymous task element meaning that when you create an LDAP Query it is only created for the current task and so does not get created as a list entry. You can copy an anonymous Task element from one task to another using CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste. For more information see the section on Anonymous and Specific Task elements.

When you double click or drop an LDAP Query on a Task the LDAP Query Editor dialog is shown, opening the Info tab:









In the info tab we can provide a Name and Description for this node. Account Details