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(Data Access)
(Data Access)
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<li>[[LDAP Query Nodes]]</li>
<li>[[LDAP Query Nodes]]</li>
<li>[[JSON Node]]</li>
<li>[[JSON Node]]</li>
<li>[[Flat File Parser]]</li>
<li>[[Data Table Nodes]]</li>
<li>[[Data Table Nodes]]</li>
<li>[[Variable Nodes]]</li>
<li>[[Variable Nodes]]</li>

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Welcome to Presence WikiDocs


PresenceWiki is a developer led, user contributed documentation and knowledge base for Presence.

The best place to start is probably at the beginning, so if you're new to Presence we suggest you visit the Presence Introduction page.

For help installing Presence for the first time, take a look at our Installation Guide.

Once you're up and running you'll probably want to play with the Administration Client.

Once you become more experienced you may want to visit our Best Use page for expert hints and tips.

The Processes page brings together all the Presence components and services and explains how they interact with one another.

Task Elements Quick Reference

Data Access

These Tasks Elements are designed to load information from sources external to Presence.

Data Formatters

These Tasks Elements are designed to manipulate and write information to external sources.

Basic Data Writer
Custom Data Formatter


These Tasks Elements are designed to perform actions.

File Actions
Other Actions
Enterprise Messaging