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=== Tools ===
=== Tools ===
* '''[[Function Test Console|Function Tester]]'''
* '''[[Function Test Console|Function Tester]]''' - Launches the Function Test Console
* '''[[Jar Manager]]'''
* '''[[Jar Manager]]''' - Launches the Jar Manager
* '''[[Message Channels]]'''
* '''[[Message Channels]]''' - Administer Message Channels
* '''[[Scrapbook|Scrap Book]]'''
* '''[[Scrapbook|Scrap Book]]''' - Inbuilt text editor
* '''[[Search Dialog]]'''
* '''[[Search Dialog]]''' - Search Tasks, Resources, Task Elements
* '''[[Activity Archive Viewer]]'''
* '''[[Activity Archive Viewer]]''' - View Activity Archive for current Task
* '''[[Create Web Application]]'''
* '''[[Create Web Application]]'''
* '''[[Task Log Settings]]'''
* '''[[Task Log Settings]]'''

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Administration Client > Menu Options (Admin Client)

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Administration Client Menu Options

This page documents each of the menu options available in the Presence Administration Client and is correct as of Presence Version 3.6.



  • New (Task) - Creates a new Task in the currently selected Category.
  • Open Recent - opens a sub menu of recently edited Tasks
  • Close - closes the current Task tab
  • Close All - closes all Task tabs
  • Save - saves changes to the current Task
  • Save as new - saves the current Task as a new Task
  • Save All - saves all currently opened Tasks
  • Exit - exits the Administration Client


  • Edit - Sort options for Tasks, Categories, Resources and Task Elements.






  • About Presence V3
  • Reference Guide - launches a Web browser to show the Presence documentation.

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