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The Multiple Variable Setter allows you to create one or more Variables using only one Task Element and is principally for convenience.

Editor Dialog

Multiple variable setter dialog.png

On the left is a list of variables to be created at run time. Clicking on a variable name enables the panel on the right, which allows you to view or edit the variable value.

For more information on creating individual variables, see the Set Variable Node.

The buttons below the variable name list perform the following functions:

  • New Variable
  • Duplicate Variable (copies the value and prompts for a new name)
  • Shift up
  • Shift down
  • Delete selected Variable
  • Sort Variables (alphabetically)

Variables are created in the order that they appear in the list. This means that if one Variable references another in its value it must appear after the variable that is being referenced.

Loading variables from XML

If you have a Presence Context saved to an XML file (using the Write Context To XML Node) you can import any variable names and values into your Multiple Variable Setter by clicking the "From XML" button, which will launch a file chooser dialog.

Task Elements > Variable Nodes > Multiple Variable Setter

See Also: Require Variable(s) | Set Variable | Multiple Variable Setter | Variable Unlocker