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Administration Client > New Function Wizard

The New Function Wizard guides you through the process of registering a new Presence Function. To access the New Function Wizard first launch the Function Manager then right-click in the Functions list and select "Create New" from the pop-up menu that appears.

Class name and Description

Function wiz 1.png

The Class name refers to the fully qualified name of the Java class that contains the execution code for the new Function. Function classes must extend the abstract class com.internationalpresence.exec.FunctionAbstract.

Clicking the "Browse" button launches the Presence Jar Manager where you can import a Java archive (jar) file or select an existing class from previously imported jars:

Function jar man.png

The Function Description should contain:

  • Explanation of function's purpose
  • Syntax
  • Usage instructions

The Function Group determines where the Function is placed in the list on the Function Manager.

Specify Function Syntax

Function wiz 2.png

Here you should specify the command that should be associated with the new Function and the expected parameters.

The command should not include the ampersand marker (&) which identifies a function.

To add a parameter, select the expected type (String, Integer, Float, Long), enter a default value (this will appear when the user selects the function from the suggestion provider). If the parameter can be recurring make sure the checkbox labelled "Can this parameter be recurring?" is selected. Click "Add" to add the parameter to the list on the right.

Create Function

Function wiz 3.png

Clicking "Next" will show a summary of the information about the function.

After clicking "Finish" the Function will be created, after which it can be called from (just about) anywhere within Presence.

Architecture > Administration Client > New Function Wizard

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