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Administration Client > New Task Dialog

New Task Dialog

This is the Dialog box is displayed when creating a new Task. The dialog has three tabs: Task Options, Time Zone and Advanced.

Task Options

This tab covers things like the Task name, description and logging options and looks like the screenshot below:

Task dialog.png

  • Task Name - This is the name you want to give to your Task. Make it a short description of the Task's purpose
  • Task Description - A longer description of what the Task does, how it should be called, and any edit notes.
  • Activity Options - Allows you to set the logging level, the amount of time that logs should be retained for, whether Nested Tasks should inherit these settings, and if this Task is a Nested Task whether it should use the parent Task's log settings or its own. You may also specify whether, if this is a Nest Task, it should write log messages to the parent Task's log file, or its own, or to both.
  • Enable Task Statistics If enabled Presence will store metric data on the Task and how long it takes to run each Task Element. This may be an unnecessary overhead on busy servers.
  • Deprecated Flags the Task as deprecated, or no longer used. Causes the Task to be hidden from the Task Explorer, or be displayed with a special icon depending on the option selected in the Edit View Menu Item.

Time Zone

Task dialog timezone.png

This Tab allows you to configure which Time Zone the Task should run in. Schedules information will be adjusted accordingly to ensure that the Task runs not only at the time specified but in the correct time zone as well.


Task dialog advanced.png

Here you can specify the following advanced options:

  • Preferred Servers By adding servers to this list you are instructing the Presence server to give preference to the servers listed when assigning this Task.
  • Include / Exclude Here you can either exclude a list of Servers from running this Task, or specify a list of servers that can exclusively run this Task.
  • Isolate Process... This causes a new Java virtual machine to be launched each time the Task runs, thus providing it a sandbox to operate in. This can assist when encountering memory or resource problems.

Architecture > Administration Client > New Task Dialog

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