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<li>[[Heartbeat Server]]</li>
<li>[[Heartbeat Server]]</li>
<li>[[Database Server]]</li>
<li>[[Database Server]]</li>
<li>[[Work Server]]</li>
<li>[[Presence Server]]</li>
<li>[[Remote Program Call Server]]</li>
<li>[[Remote Program Call Server]]</li>

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What is Presence?

Presence was originally developed as an Integration, Monitoring and Alerting tool. Since its first release in 2000 it has expanded beyond its original purpose and is now a "do pretty much anything" tool.

The aim of Presence is to allow users to create automated Tasks to perform a variety of process-led functions such as querying data sources, generating reports, sending emails etc, whilst eliminating the need for writing code. It is highly visual, intuitive, and can be picked up and used by just about anyone.

Presence components are split into two categories:

Server Components

Client Components

Who uses Presence?

Our customer list includes the following organisations:

  • Mitsubishi UK
  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • Gerber Juice
  • Credomatic (Bank of South America)
  • Electro Andina
  • Spire Healthcare
  • Classic Hospitals
  • Citylink
  • Belshaw
  • Cummins UK
  • Miki Travel