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Please note that we are reorganising our main page - view the update version here.

What is Presence?

PRESENCE is a middle-ware solution that provides enterprises and application integrators with all the tools needed to rapidly build fast, scalable and service-centric solutions for today's many technology demands.

Designed for use by business and technical users alike, Presence can access data from diverse sources.

Presence Tasks can be Event driven, Schedule based, or on Demand allowing any external application to initiate a task.

Presence is a powerhouse of functionality with multiple query engines and formatting tools that allow you to do almost any server side processing. Using our unique Presence Deviation Engine technology, Presence can identify changes in your data at a field level, reporting new records, changed / unchanged records, and even deleted records and take different actions according to what is found. The data can then be transformed, filtered, split, or merged before being output in an almost limitless variety of different ways.

Using Presence's unique Program Call Slave architecture a Presence Task can call a program or application on any server on the network, and receive data and responses back into the Task.

Presence was originally developed as an Integration, Monitoring and Alerting tool. Since its first release in 2000 it has expanded beyond its original purpose and is now a "do pretty much anything" tool.

The aim of Presence is to allow users to create automated Tasks to perform a variety of process-led functions such as querying data sources, generating reports, sending emails etc, whilst eliminating the need for writing code. It is highly visual, intuitive, and can be picked up and used by just about anyone.

Presence components are split into two categories - see Architecture for more details:

Server Components

Client Components

Who uses Presence?

Our customer list includes the following organisations:

  • Mitsubishi UK
  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • Gerber Juice
  • Credomatic (Bank of South America)
  • Electro Andina
  • Spire Healthcare
  • Classic Hospitals
  • Citylink
  • Belshaw
  • Cummins UK
  • Miki Travel

For an overview of Presence from a less technical perspective please visit the Product Website.