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Key Facts

Purpose: Task execution (Debug, Scheduled, On Demand, SOAP)
Type: Background Process
Started By: Heartbeat Server via Remote Program Call Server


The Presence Work Server (also known as just the Presence Server) is the main Presence execution server. It's primary job is to run Presence Tasks. Task execution can be triggered in one of four ways:

Users can install one or more Presence Servers, on different machines or across different virtual machines. If multiple servers are installed they will take it in turns to execute Tasks, which shares the workload across the network. This enables users to scale up their installation as their usage grows, and provides an extra level of redundancy. The frequency with which individual servers execute Tasks is controlled by the Load Balancing settings.

Port Usage

The Presence Server uses a number of TCP/IP ports for internal communication. These are documented in the Server Ports page.


Presence will not start, or exits immediately

  • Ensure the Database Server is running
  • Check that the user owning the process "presenceserver.exe" has read/write permissions to the Presence installation directory
  • Check the Server Ports page to verify there are no port conflicts


At present the Presence server logs can be found the following locations:

  • "presoutput" folder in installation user's "documents and settings" folder
  • "res/logs/server" directory

We are currently working on consolidating the log output of each of the Presence processes to a single location.

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