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Presence Work Server

Key Facts

Purpose: Task execution (debug, schedule, on demand, SOAP)
Type: Background Process
Started By: Heartbeat Server via Remote Program Call Server
License Type: One license per server

The Presence Work Server (also known as just the Presence Server) contains the execution engine for running Presence Tasks. It also contains the On Demand Server and Web Service engine.

Load Balancing

One or more Presence Servers can be installed on different machines (or Virtual Machines) to form a load balanced network. This allows you to scale up your Presence installation as your requirements grow.

In a typical installation the Work Server is launched by the Heartbeat Server, and can be stopped and started by the Heartbeat Client.

Port Usage

The Presence Server uses a number of TCP/IP ports for internal communication. These are documented in the Server Ports page.

Task Execution

When multiple Work Servers are in place Tasks will be executed on an appropriate server based on Load Balancing settings.