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Presence Text Areas are input boxes within Presence Task Element editors, for example in the Set Variable node, the Append Data Column node, etc. They offer the following features, which are accessible via keyboard shortcuts or via a pop-up menu.

Input Suggestions

Access input suggestions by pressing ctrl+space. A list will appear with suggestions for inclusion in the text. This will usually comprise of:

  • Column Name references (e.g. :var{COLUMN})
  • Variable Name references (e.g. ${my_variable})
  • Function calls (e.g. &currentTimeStamp{})

Although certain context-specific suggestions may also be shown, for example in the SQL Editor a list of valid SQL keywords is displayed.

If you begin typing the list will be restricted to options which begin with what has been typed. A tooltip will appear to provide an explanation of the currently highlighted option. Press return to accept the currently highlighted suggestion.

Browser Preview

This will launch the default system web browser displaying the contents of the current text area. The shortcut for this option is ctrl+p. This is useful for previewing HTML output.

Text Search

This is a fairly standard search / replace dialog. The keyboard shortcut for this option is ctrl+f.

  • Find: The text to search for in the current document
  • Replace: The text to replace instances of the searched text with
  • Direction: Allows you to search forwards (default) or backwards.
  • Ignore case: Searches will not be case-sensitive (e.g. PRESENCE matches Presence or PrEsEnCe).
  • Wrap: Causes the search to start again at the top
  • Find: Finds and highlights the next instance of the text
  • Replace: Replaces the currently highlighted instance of the text with the "Replace" text
  • Replace and Find: Does the replacement (above) and highlights the next instance of the Find text.
  • Replace All: Replaces all instances of the "Find" text with the "Replace" text.