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A full Presence installation can consist of several processes.


Firstly there are 2 services.

An RPC (Remote Program Call) Service, which is used for Presence installations running on different machines to talk to each other.

All machines that are running a Presence Server should be running the RPC service as this lets the Heartbeat talk to the Presence Server.

The Heartbeat Service controls the main Presence apps and should be running on the same machine as which the Presence database is installed.

You can tell which Presence processes are running through the Task Manager.

If you wish to kill a process be sure to right click and select 'End Process Tree' as this will kill the exe and the associated java.exe process.

channelman.exe - manages channels dbserv.exe - runs the internal presence database service hbserver.exe - runs the heartbeat service to monitor and restart the registered services (Database/Presence Servers/Httpserver) httpstart.exe - The http server presadmin.exe - The Presence Admin Console presenceserver.exe - The Presence Server prpc.exe - The Remote Program Call program