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Read Binary File Node

The Read Binary File Node can read text from a local or remote location. The location can be in the form of a local path or UNC, a URL, or an FTP site.

The incoming binary file will be stored in a Presence variable for later use in your Task. For instance it can be saved to a file or inserted into a Database.

If binary contents are referenced within some text, it will be represented as a hexidecimal stream. For example, consider that we have read 5 bytes of binary data into a variable called ${binary}. Later in the Task an email is sent out including the following reference:

Binary data is ${binary}

The result of this will be something along the lines of:

Binary data is ABCDEF10A5

As you can see the binary data has been converted into hexidecimal.

Creating a Read Binary File Node

To create a Read Binary File Node, simply drag the Read Binary File icon from the "Actions" Task Element list into your Task. You will then see the options dialog:

Read binary file.gif

If the file you want to read is on your local machine or network, select "Use local file". If it is on the internet, select "Use remote file".

Enter file location

This should be the relative or absolute path in the case of local / network files. If it is a URL or on an FTP server, click in the text field to launch the File Chooser dialog.

Variable to create

This is the name of the variable that Presence should write the contents of the binary file to.

When you are happy with your changes click "Okay" to include the Node in your Task.


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