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Recipients are configured in Presence using the Recipients Management Dialog. Presence maintains a list of recipients which can be organised into groups, and each recipient has the following information:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Telephone Number
  • Fax Number

Recipients are used in the Send Email Node, Send Fax Node, Send SMS Node and Broadcast Messages Node.

The Recipients Management Dialog

Launch the Recipients Management Dialog by clicking the Recipients icon in the toolbar in the Administration Client.

Available Recipients shows a filtered list of recipients. The letters on the left allow you to select which recipients are displayed based on surname and firstname. For example clicking 'P' will show people whose surname begins with P, followed by people whose first name begins with P. Click all to view an unfiltered list.

Add a new recipient by clicking the recipient icon below. Delete a recipient by clicking the trashcan icon. Edit a recipient by double clicking on the recipient name.

Grouped Recipients shows recipients filtered according to group. The dropdown list shows available groups and you can create a new group by clicking the arrow button next to the group names. This launches the groups management window:

The buttons at the foot of this window perform the following functions:

  • New Recipient Group
  • Edit Recipient Group (i.e. change the name)
  • Duplicate Recipient Group - this also copies references to contained recipients
  • Delete Recipient Group

To add a recipient to a group, drag the recipient from the Available Recipients into the group list.

Using Recipients

The Send Email, Send SMS and Send Fax nodes all contain recipient panes, as follows:

Note that only the Email node includes "CC and BCC" tabs.

To add a recipient to the list click the left-hand icon (single recipient) and simply drag the desired recipients across into the list.

To add a recipient group click the recipient group icon (second icon along) and drag the group name across.

To add a dynamic recipient click the third icon and enter the details - these can include Presence Variables, Data Table References, Function Call or a combination of the three.

To delete a recipient either press the delete key (having selected the recipient you want to delete) or press the trashcan button (fourth button along).