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Search dialog button.png

The Search Dialog allows users to search for Tasks, Task Elements and Resources for a given text string. To launch the Search Dialog click the "Search" icon on the top toolbar (see above). Alternatively select "Find Task", or "Find Resource" from the pop-up menu in either the Task Explorer or the Resources Explorer.

Search dialog.png

Search Options

  • Search Text - This is the text that you wish to search for.
  • Object to search - Select "Everything" if you want to search through everything, or restrict the search to a certain object type.
  • Use Regular Expressions - Allows the search text to contain regular expression patterns.
  • Case sensitive - matches must also match the case of the search text - e.g. if selected "Fish" will not match "fish".
  • Ignore Variables - causes the search to ignore variable names in the results.
  • Show All Instances - If enabled all instances of the items matching the search criteria will be listed - for example an SQL Statement that is used multiple times.
  • Search in Name - The Name of the items will be considered for searching
  • Search in description - The description of the items will be considered for searching
  • All other fields in object - Disable this if you want to search ONLY the name or description (may improve speed of search)

Note that you can restrict your search results to a specific category or categories using the tree on the left.

Click the "Search" button when you have entered the search criteria. A tree view will be displayed in the main panel showing any results.