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Send Fax

The Send Fax node is designed to facilitate sending of faxes to one or more recipients.

Send fax dialog.png


Here you can add recipients. As with the Send Email Node recipients can be added as individuals, groups or as dynamic recipients (from Presence data).

Subject and Body

This is the subject and body of the fax message.

Enable line wrapping

This will cause new lines to be added every n characters (default 80). If "Wrap at nearest word break" is checked breaks will not appear mid-word.

Sender Number

This is the originating number of the fax card or machine that will send the fax.

Messaging Platform

Fax sending functionality is de-coupled from the Fax Sending Node. Fax software can accept outgoing faxes in a variety of ways, including TCP/IP communication, file drop, etc, and so we have provided maximum flexibility in this respect by providing a Messaging Platform Resource which can be re-used.

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