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Context Sensitive Suggestion Provider

In most input fields within Presence you can bring up the Suggestion Provider by holding down control and pressing the space key:

If you do this without having typed anything the list will contain all available Data Table references, all available variables and all available functions.

As you type while the list is displaying, the list will be filtered according to what you have typed. For example, if you type "&" then only functions will be displayed. If you then type a "d", only functions starting with "&d" will be displayed, and so on. Additionally if you being typing and then press control-space, the list will be filtered from the start based on what you have typed.

You can select items from the list using the mouse or the up and down cursor keys and pressing return. When an item is highlighted a tooltip window will display inline help if available.

When editing an SQL query in the SQL Node editor additional SQL keywords will be included in the list.