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Administration Client > Task Explorer

The Task Explorer is part of the main window of the Administration Client. It displays a tree view of all the Tasks that the current user has access to.


Tip If you need more room on your screen to edit Tasks, click the blue arrow at the top of the Task Explorer. This will cause the entire left hand part of the screen (the Task Explorer and the Resources Explorer to collapse.

To edit a Task double click on the Task Name.

Tasks that are flagged as Deprecated can either be hidden or will display as faded, depending on the preferences set in the Edit View Dialog.

Category Menu Options

Right clicking on the Task Explorer brings up the following pop-up menu if a Category (or no Task) is selected:


  • Create New > Task Launches the New Task Dialog.
  • Create New > Category Launches the new Category dialog.
  • Delete Category Deletes the currently selected Category, if empty
  • Delete Category and Contents Deletes the currently selected category and any items that exist within it, including sub-Categories. Be careful with this option!
  • Find Category Launches the Search Dialog to search for Categories by name.
  • Find Task Launches the Search Dialog to search for Tasks by name.
  • Import... Allows you to Import a previously exported Task or Category.
  • Export Category Exports the entire Category.
  • Refresh Refreshes the current tree view, synchronizing it with the database.
  • Properties Launches the Category Options Dialog.

Additional Task Menu Options

If a Task is currently selected (or if you right-click on a Task name), a pop-up menu with additional options appears:

  • Open Task Opens the selected Task for edit (same as double clicking)
  • Create Copy Creates a "shallow" copy of the selected Tasks. References to Task Elements and Tasks will be retained so that only the top level Task is copied.
  • Create Deep Copy Copies the currently selected Task and makes duplicates of any shared Task Elements and Nested Tasks.
  • Delete Task Deletes the currently selected Task after performing a referential integrity check.
  • Delete Task and Contents Deletes the currently selected Task and any Task Elements referred therein, after performing a referential integrity check.
  • Find references Displays a list of any other tasks that reference the selected Task as a nested Task.
  • Export Task Exports the currently selected Task.
  • Properties Displays the Task Properties dialog.
  • View Task Logs Launches the Task Log Viewer for the selected Task.
  • View Activity History Launches the Activity Archive viewer for the selected Task.
  • Audit Trail Launches the Audit Viewer for the selected Task.

Architecture > Administration Client > Task Explorer

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