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Administration Client > Task Log Viewer

The Task Log Viewer allows the user to view detailed Task execution logs. To launch the Log Viewer:

Upon launching the user is initially presented with a choice of dates to view logs for for the selected Task:

Task log date selection.png

Click "Okay" to view logs for the selected date, or "Cancel" to return to the main Log Viewer without loading any logs.

Log viewer.png

The Task logs are displayed in the main panel, and a tree view of all Tasks is displayed on the left. Double click on a Task to swap to that Task's logs.

Information messages are coloured blue and error messages are coloured red. Most log entries have the Node which generated them associated with them, and double-clicking on a log entry or clicking the "Edit" button (with a pencil icon) will launch the editor for that particular Node.

You can search the log messages shown by typing text into the field labelled "Find..." and clicking the "Next" and "Previous" buttons.

The "Delete" button (trashcan icon) will delete the selected log entries.

The "Refresh" button connects to the Database Server to load the latest logs.

Load / Save From File

These buttons allow you to export the log to a local file, and to load them into the log viewer. Please use this option when sending log files to Presence support staff.

Architecture > Administration Client > Task Log Viewer

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