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Administration Client > Task Statistics Console

The Task Statistics console displays the following metrics about a Task's Nodes to enable performance tuning:

  • First run time
  • Last run time
  • Minimum time to run (milliseconds)
  • Maximum run time (milliseconds)
  • Average time (milliseconds)

To launch the Task Statistics console select Task > Task Statistics from the Administration client Menu.

Please note that statistics recording must be enabled in the Task Properties Dialog.

Task statistics.png

Above is the main console. Clicking on a Task name in the top pane causes the Task Elements Breakdown table (below) to reflect the selected Task. These items can be sorted by clicking on the column header.

  • Refresh (Task Statistics Summary) - refreshes the list of Tasks that have statistics available
  • Refresh (Task Elements Breakdown) - refreshes the statistics for the Task selected
  • Show Graph - Displays a pie graph showing the ratio of average, minimum and maximum times for the Task Elements (see below).
  • Reset - Clears all statistics associated with the selected Task.

Task statistics graph.png

Architecture > Administration Client > Task Statistics Console

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