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Presence is now able to interact with the a telephone system switch via a wrapper around GTAPI which is itself a wrapper over JTAPI which in turn wraps around Microsofts Tapi.

Once configured you should be able to monitor calls that come into your switch and create calls to go out.

Uses of this would be:-

1: Look up a Customers details, click a button on an ondemand task, Presence then dials the number from your phone.

2: Monitor incoming calls to the switch and depending on the CalledID forward the call to the appropriate phone, bring up a message on that users PC to guide them to a link that brings up the relevant details for that caller.



Configuring JTAPI on your Presence System.

This will to some extent depend on your Phone system. As long as it is able to interact with Tapi you should be ok.

For instance here we are using the Samsung 7200 Switch

Once you've installed the correct software which is your TAPI driver in our case we use, OfficeServ Link and OfficeServ Open TSP Driver, you need to check the following:-

Windows - Control Panel - Phone And Modem Options

Under the advanced tab, you should see your driver for the device, in out case the Samsung Open TSP Driver. At this stage you may need to configure it:-

Be sure to have the correct services running, in this case the Telephony service, which should in turn start the Remote Access Connection Manager service and the Remote Access Auto Connection Manager service

Once Tapi is working we should be able to test it via the Microsoft dialler. In Vista go to run and type dialer.exe

In dialer go to edit options:-

Attempt to dial a number

If this is successful you should see:-