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Text Templates

Text Templates (a Presence Resource) are bits of text that can be included anywhere in Presence - for example they can be used to include a standard privacy / confidentiality footer in emails sent from Presence, or an HTML header in an on demand page.

Creating a Text Template

Click on the Template Resource icon to the left of the Resource Explorer, then right click on a category and select "Create New > Template Resource" from the pop-up window. You will then see the Template resource editor, as demonstrated below:

Template resource editor.png

  • Name - A short, descriptive name for this template
  • Body - The text that you wish to include in the template

Click the "Save" button to store the template.

Referencing Templates

To reference a saved template, position the cursor at the point that you would like the template to be included, hold down the control key and press T. You will then be presented with a pop-up window displaying a category tree view of saved Templates.

Template insert 1.png

Select a Template by highlighting it and pressing the return key or clicking on the template. You will then be asked if you wish to include a dynamic reference to the template. A dynamic reference looks like this:


And will be replaced at runtime with the actual template text. If you select the "No" option, the actual text of the template will be inserted at the current carat position.

Advantages of Templates over Global Variables

Templates are preferable for larger bodies of text, and they may include variable references and function calls - whereas global variables will ignore any such dynamic references. Dynamic Templates are cached on the server.

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