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Throw Exception Node

This Node is useful when you want your Task to generate an exception and return execution to an earlier point.

For instance, you may not receive the expect results from a query, but this may not in itself generate an error.

Generally you will use Throw Exception Nodes in combination with an Error Handler Node.

Here is an example of a Task that uses a Throw Exception Node:

In this Task the SQL Query looks up a list of servers. If no servers are found, this is a problem and the administrator needs to be alerted. A Decision Node checks the number of servers returned, and if it is not one or more an Exception is raised which is then handled by the Error Handler Node earlier in the Task.

The benefit of doing this (as opposed to just sending an email if the Decision returns false) is that we save time building the Task, because if there is an error generated by the SQL Query this will also be handled by the Error Handler.