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This document describes best procedures for upgrading to Presence 3.5.5 from an earlier version.

Presence 3.5.5 uses the Sun 1.6 JRE, where as previous versions used the 1.5 JRE. For this reason some extra care should be taken to ensure compatibility with JDBC drivers, etc.

1. Suspend Presence Tasks

Ensure that all Presence tasks on the live task queue are suspended. We do not want them to automatically resume when the server restarts.

Launch Task Manager and check that channelman.exe is not running - if it is, right click on the process and choose "End process tree".

2. Disable Presence

Stop the Presence Server, Database Server and HTTP Server (if running) via the Heartbeat Client. When these services have stopped, use the Windows Services controller to stop the Presence RPC Server service and the Presence Viii Heartbeat Server service:


3. Database Backup

Prior to any upgrade, a backup of the database should be taken. To do this, copy any files in the directory "res\database" ending in .wal or .dbn to a separate drive. Note that this can only be done if the database service is stopped (see above).

4. Run Installer