Web Application Creation Tutorial

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This document describes the processes needed to create and deploy a Presence Web Application.


For this tutorial you will need to install and run a Servlet Engine such as Tomcat:

Part one: Task Creation

For this example we will create a simple application that asks the user's name and then returns some information about the name. For this we will need two Tasks which:

  • Display a page requesting the user's name
  • Display a page showing information about the user's name

In a real world example both of these pages could be generated by a single Task, but we want to demonstrate multiple Tasks being used by a Web Application.

  1. Create a new Category called "Name Analysis"
  2. Create a new Task in the Category called "Request Name"
  3. Create a new Task in the Category called "Analyse Name"

The Tasks can be downloaded from here. Go ahead and import them into Presence.