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The Web Service Properties dialog is displayed when adding or editing a Task on the Web Services Live Tasks Queue. It allows you to configure a Task so that it is available to be invoked as a SOAP Web Service.

Live tasks ws properties.png

  • Alias
This is the alias name for the Task, and is also the name of the Operation assigned to this Task in the Web Service Description.
  • Documentation
Here you should provide any additional information on how this web service should be accessed and its purpose.
  • WSDL
This is the location of the WSDL document that will describe this web service, relative to the URL of the Presence HTTP Server.
  • Sync Task Parameters
Updates the incoming variables and data table to include exposed and required variables and data columns within the Task.
  • Task is active
Uncheck this if you do not want the Web Service to be available immediately.
  • One Way
If selected this Task will not be expected to return any output.
  • Input and Output Tabs
These tabs allow you to specify the expected input variables and data columns, translated into message parts, and the output variables and data columns. Clicking the "Synch Now" button will automatically populate these tables with information from the Task itself.

Right-clicking on an input or output variable or column reference will display the following menu options:

  • New Parameter
Displays an input dialog for entering a new parameter, either a ${variable} or a :var{COLUMN_REFERENCE} depending on which table you right-click inside.
  • Properties
If a parameter was selected a properties input dialog will be displayed which allows you to map Presence data columns and variables to web service message parts, specify the data type, and provide documentation for the part:

Ws parameter properties.png